How to Organize Your Tackle Bag

Tackle bag, Texas Bass Angler, how to organize your tackle bagHow to Organize Your Tackle Bag

One of the most frustrating things in the world is being out on the water or arriving at your fishing spot and not remembering where you put your favorite lure.  Maybe you were in a rush the last time you packed up your fishing gear, so you threw it in your bag or into one of your tackle boxes, thinking you’d remember it the next time you went out.  Trust me y’all, when that moment comes for you to recall where you put your one and only Sexy Shad Strike King® Crankbait, you won’t be able to!  So that’s why I’ve developed a system that I’ll share with you, in order to show you how to organize your tackle bag the easiest way possible.  It minimizes stress, which, isn’t that why many of us go fishing in the first place?  So let’s make it easy on ourselves!

I’ve created labels for each one of my tackle boxes.  For instance, you might want one for “Crankbaits,” “Swim Jigs,”  “Topwater,” and “Hooks and Jig heads.” You can divide them up however you like, but this is how I’ve set up mine.  For worms and softbaits, I use a worm bag.  I also have several tackle bags organized according to where I’ll be fishing.  If I’m heading out to Lake Fork on the boat, I use a different set of gear than if I’m going bank fishing at a neighborhood pond.  My bags are always ready, so when it’s the crack of dawn and it’s time to head out, I can grab my bag and go!

As far as label making goes, you can buy a cheap label printer at Walmart for under $25, and if you’re really a do-it-yourself-er, you can print out the categories on a piece of computer paper, cut them up and tape them to your box with some packing tape.  Make sure you cover the label completely with tape if you’re printing it on your home printer, if a drop of water gets onto that ink it’ll smear it like butter on a hot biscuit.

Let us know if you have any other tips to share on how to organize your tackle bag!


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