The No Fail Ned-Rig

The No Fail Ned-Rig

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The Ned-rig is our new go-to bait when we want to produce more bites and stir something up on an otherwise slow day. Just to give you a little background – the Ned-rig is known as the “Midwest-finesse,” and was developed by Ned Kehde from Lawrence, Kansas. Ned is an avid angler and veteran fishing industry writer who developed the idea for this bait from numerous techniques that he learned from some of the best anglers in the industry. The Ned-rig may look extremely simple and might not seem too exciting, but one cast of its small jighead and short plastic combo that falls slowly through the water and darts in dramatic bite-producing fashion, is enough to have us all believing in its magic fish-whispering powers.

We really like the new Finesse TRD 2.75” stick baits in peanut butter and jelly that we rig on a Finesse ShroomZ jighead from Z-man fishing products. Green pumpkin is also another one of our favorite colors that the bass seem to love. This bait is perfect, especially for beginning anglers, who want to get their feet wet and a few bites under their belt.

We caught several largemouth on the Ned-Rig at our local neighborhood pond the other day, and not only did we catch upwards of 15 fish, that same Ned-Rig plastic that we started out with survived that entire onslaught of bites! Normally, we’d go through 2-4 baits in that many fish if it were any other kind of soft plastic bait, but not the Ned-Rig! Those things are made to last.

Head on over to the zmanfishing site and check out the rest of the colors they have to offer. As always, good luck out there and…

Keep on Rippin’!

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