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Help Us Support Heroes On The Water

Fishing is a great past-time and relaxing sport for so many people. We started to think of ways we could do something meaningful through our love of bass fishing and Texas Bass Angler. So we thought about the things that mean the most to us and that have impacted our lives. The United States Marine Corps is without a doubt one of those things. We wanted to help other veterans find an outlet that can help them cope with the obstacles they face. That’s when we discovered HOW, Heroes on the Water. They are an organization that does just that.  And how awesome is it that they are helping veterans through fishing?  Doesn’t get any cooler than that! So, it means a lot to us to not only be able to help raise awareness for HOW, but also be able to help them by donating a percentage of sales from our Texas Bass Angler gear to help the organization be able to continue rehabilitating veterans, bringing them together, and fighting the effects of PTSD. The hope of HOW is that by taking veterans fishing, it will teach them something that, just like us, they will become addicted to and be able to enjoy for the rest of their lives.  Fishing with HOW is an amazing, therapeutic outlet that also provides exercise and the opportunity to bond and make life-long friends, while passing on the tradition of our sport.  To learn more about Heroes on the Water or how you can become involved, visit their website:

Thank you for helping us to pass on the word about HOW and raise awareness.

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